About the department:

We are a group of water ecology and hydrology scientists and students based in the Institute of Biology at University of Bialystok in North East Poland. Our research and teaching span the breadth of the discipline; from monitoring of different types of water ecosystems to the restoration effectiveness, and from hydrochemistry changes to organic carbon sequestration.

The Department of Environmental Protection conducts research on monitoring of natural water ecosystems, mainly in north-eastern Poland. Our investigations are focused on qualitative assessment of the environment and features of its transformation on the background of changing hydro-meteorological conditions. We are particularly interested in areas with higher biodiversity in the region like protected areas such as Knyszyn Landscape Park, Narew National Park, Wigry National Park, Biebrza National Park.



The Department of Environmental Protection specialises in an interdisciplinary approach to water ecology science and we are therefore involved in a variety of different research projects. Below is an example of some of the areas we are currently involved in:


  • Impact of catchment degradation on hydrochemical properties of groundwater and surface waters
  • Assessment of the ecological status of lowland springs
  • Environmental monitoring of fresh waters, including hydromorphology, hydrochemistry and macrophytes indices.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of river restoration activities.
  • Occurrence, catchment conditions and interactions with hydrobionts (including bacterioplankton) of dissolved organic matter in ecosystems with disturbed hydrological conditions
  • The influence of extreme hydrometeorological events on the functioning of lowland aquatic ecosystems
  • Export of organic matter from catchments located in urban areas
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