Gugny Field Station use rules  

Institute of Biology, University of Białystok, Gugny Field Station
Use Rules


Gugny Field Station is a research and academic teaching facility. The Station is available for the faculty, staff and students of the University of Białystok and for cooperating institutions. 

All persons using the Station are required to take care of its good shape, cleanliness, and the equipment of the Station. All rules following from the location of the Station in Biebrza National Park must be complied.

Use of the Station, duration of the stay, and use of lab space must be arranged in advance with the Head of the Station. All persons staying overnight at the Station must sign in and out in the registration book.

Detailed rules:

1. Using open fire is absolutely forbidden in all parts of the Station. The fireplace in seminar/dining room and the fireplace behind the building are the only exceptions, but also there the utmost precaution is required. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building but cigarette use is allowed outdoors. Heating coils may be used only in the kitchen. 

2. Only light and clean shoes may be worn in the Station. Field footwear must be left in the hall.

3. Preparing meals may take place only in the kitchen. The dishes must be washed after the meal and the kitchen must be carefully cleaned.

4. Moving pieces of furniture among rooms is forbidden.

5. All damage to the equipment and furnishing must be reported to the Head of the Station who will determine the cost of compensation to be paid.

6. Pets in the Station only by permission.

7. At the end of the stay, the Station must be cleaned and one must make sure that all windows are closed and outer doors are locked. The fridge in the kitchen must be emptied out of all stored food. All garbage must be bagged and removed upon departure. The key is to be passed over to the authorized person. Passing the key is also required when the Station is left for night and nobody is there.

8. All comments regarding the Station are to be reported to Bogusław Lewończuk, cell phone No. 66 46 77 976.

9. Persons not respecting the above rules will be asked to leave the Station. 


Białystok, 16 November 2015

(–) Prof. dr hab. Jan R.E. Taylor
                                                                                      Head of the Station

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