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What will you learn during your studies?

By studying microbiology, you will gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of virology, bacterial biology, immunology and biochemistry as well as protozoology. Thanks to various classes taking place at the well-equipped UwB campus, you will learn to use modern research equipment, which is the basis of the work of a modern microbiologist. You will learn how to conduct scientific research at various levels of life organization, and at the same time you will acquire numerous practical skills needed in later work. You will train methods of identifying microorganisms using a variety of techniques. You will learn a wide range of laboratory methods in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology and microbiological diagnostics. You will also learn how to conduct cell cultures and conduct laboratory analyzes of water, soil, air and food.


As a graduate of MICROBIOLOGY, you can work, among others in:

  • laboratories conducting microbiological and biochemical analyzes of food products,
  • pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry laboratories
  • institutions dealing with protection and microbiological monitoring of the environment
  • environmental protection institutions and state administration offices
  • facilities dealing with broadly understood public health and epidemiological safety
  • scientific laboratories, as well as diagnostic and forensic laboratories


As a graduate of microbiology, you can also take your own business initiatives in the fields of agriculture, healthy food production and the use of microbiological processes on an industrial scale.






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