Since 2020/2021 we offer you studying BIOLOGY with brand new programme



By studying biology you will gain a comprehensive natural education and knowledge of the most current and most important research methods used in biological sciences along with the possibility of their practical application. Didactic classes will use modern laboratory equipment. You will acquire the ability to acquire biological material, the selection of techniques useful for carrying out ecological, microbiological, environmental research, valorization and environmental monitoring. You will learn to perform diagnostic tests used in laboratories that examine food, medicines, environmental samples and perform microbiological analyzes.

The experience gained in the field of BIOLOGY will be helpful in future professional work, e.g. in laboratories, national and landscape parks, schools, offices of various levels or in your own business.

A modern first-cycle biology program at the Faculty of Biology, University of Bialystok, was prepared with you in mind, thanks to the funds obtained under the POWR 3.5 project "Modern University as a chance for the development of future staff of the region".

BIOLOGY graduates work, among others in:

- biotechnology, research and development industry and in scientific institutions, diagnostic, medical and forensic laboratories,
- environmental protection institutions, e.g. in national and landscape parks, as well as state administration offices,
- non-governmental organizations dealing with broadly understood nature protection,
- schools as biology and nature teachers.


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